The Top Proofs and more
(An overview of the the work of Miles Mathis)

nullius addictus iurare in verba magistri
"MM is not required to accept the word of any master." [Blat.]

(This is the motto of the Royal Society of Science in England, meant to assert the independence of science from various authorities; but ironically we must now apply it to them, the various academic societies in the US, and to the standard model worldwide, which has taken over the dictatorial powers of the old Church and Monarch that Galileo and Newton had to resist. Mainstream science has itself become the authoritative and tyrannical magister or master. )

It is no longer common for mathematicians or scientists to publish entire books full of new information or theories. Due to specialization, the normal procedure is to publish experimental findings augmented by very limited theoretical suggestions. By and large, theory is left to a select and limited number of specialists. Those in the center of the field would claim that this is a sign of their maturity, humility, or other positive quality, suggesting that those on the margin who are rash enough to have their own ideas must be immature, immodest, or otherwise deluded. In doing this they neglect to notice that the entire history of science has proceeded along other lines, and that the contemporary hierarchy would be seen as abnormal, inefficient, and ridiculously regimented by anyone from the past, even by those from the recent past like Einstein and Planck and Maxwell. Thus to write books that cover many related subjects must seem an anomaly as well as an anachronism and both its form and its content will seem strange to a modern reader and needless to say unbelievably arrogant.

Although Miles Mathis (MM) may be known (or attacked!) for his correction to Einstein's Special Relativity (SR), MM has since found many more logical and math mistakes by other well respected physicists such as Newton, therefore, it makes sense to present a summary of these findings in a logical order. This is also true especially because these mistakes, beginning with the Ancient Greeks such as Euclid, are causing anomalies today in space exploration and Quantum Electrodynamics (QED).

The List (these items are also contained in the left column)
  1. "A Physical Point has No Dimensions" shows that you can't assign a cardinal number to a point, which begins the revolution in both physics and mathematics. The point and the instant are jettisoned from physics, and all math and science since Euclid must be redefined. Leading to the next item.
  2. "A Redefinition of the Derivative and the Integral" redefines calculus on the finite differential. This will revolutionize the teaching of calculus as well as QED and Relativity. In fact, the fields of all higher math must be redefined. This discovery ultimately bypasses renormalization, making it unnecessary. In the last section of this paper A Study of Variable Acceleration, it is shown how the textbook solution of variable acceleration uses the integral incorrectly and gets the wrong answer.
  3. Getting more deeply into calculus and finding The Derivatives of the Natural Log and of 1/x are Wrong
  4. Trig Derivatives found without the old Calculus
  5. And then applying MM's Calculus Applied To Exponential Functions
  6. Why Non-Euclidean Geometry is a Cheat and also a critique of the complex number plane

  7. "A Revaluation of Time and Velocity and the Concept of Relativity" shows that time is really a distance whether it is a pendulum swing or cesium atom. It is chosen as a distance that is constant. Light also defines a second in every local frame because the speed of light is constant.
  8. "A Disproof of Newton's Fundamental Lemmae" shows that many of Newton's important lemmae are false, including his basic trig lemmae. His proof of a = v2/r is compromised by this, which forces us to re-analyze circular motion. The mechanics of his orbit also falls, which requires us to hypothesize a third motion to stabilize the orbit in real time. MM has shown that this motion must be caused by the E/M field.
  9. "A Correction to Newton's Equation a=v2/r" redraws the line between tangential velocity and orbital velocity, showing that the orbital velocity must be an acceleration. This requires a rewriting of many basic equations and cleans up many errors and mysteries, including a few of those in renormalization.
  10. "G is the Key to the Secret of Gravity", shows that G acts as a transform between these two fields contained in Newton's law of Gravity.
  11. In "Newton's law is a Unified Field of Gravity and E/M" MM shows that Newton's gravitational equation is a compound equation, then separates out the foundational E/M field, and then reunifies, and includes Relativity transforms.
  12. Following that lead, showing that "Coulomb's equation is Unified Field equation in disguise" and
  13. "Maxwell's equations are disguised Unified Field equations which provides a study of Maxwell's lesser known displacement current and failure to describe physical lines of force".
  14. Finally in Gauss' Electrical and Gravity Law are Unified Field Equations, Gauss' gravity equation is shown to be equivalent to Newton's gravity equation and that it can also be linked up Coulomb's equation with Newton's equation, meaning that one can go from one to the other directly, with straight variable substitutions. This what science has been trying to do for centuries!
  15. In "Proof that the Lagrangian and the Hamiltonian are false. Lagrange's equations are corrected by using the charge field from Newton's equation yielding 3-body stability.
  16. Relativity Demystified is a concise and excellent introduction to Special and General Relativity
  17. Getting into the nuts and bolts of Relativity is "An Algebraic Correction to Special Relativity and Refutation of Gamma" which fixes the problem of Special Relativity by finding the simple and basic algebraic errors created at their inception. Corrected transforms for time, length, velocity, mass, and momentum are given. The twin paradox is exploded by showing incontrovertibly that relative motion toward causes time contraction, not dilation. The Pioneer Anomaly is solved. Also it is shown that Newton's kinetic energy equation is not an approximation, but an exact equation.
  18. "E ≠ mc2" reviews Einstein's famous 1905 paper showing that Gamma is Kappa by a complete re-derivation of E=mc2. Also how corrected transforms in Special Relativity affect mass, momentum and energy equations.
  19. "Problems with General Relativity: Curved Space is Unnecessary and the Inertial System is Ignored" shows that General Relativity (GR) is falsely grounded on the same misunderstandings as the calculus, which is one reason it can't be joined to QED. MM proves that curved space is an unnecessary abstraction and that the tensor calculus is a mathematical diversion, a hiding in esoterica. MM proves this by expressing the field with simple algebra, taking five equations to do what Einstein did in 44 pages. "Minkowski's Four-Vector Field is False" shows its fallacy not only because it uses Einstein's false postulates and axioms, but because its own new axiom: "that time may travel orthogonally to x,y,z" is also false.
  20. Solving and Arguing General Relativity Problems without the Tensor Calculus (In about 1/100th the time)" reveals an easy method to calculate using the famous equivalence postulate, which states that gravity and acceleration are mathematically equivalent.
  21. "The Aberration of Starlight is an Expanding Earth" shows that either the sun was still and the light moved to the left after it passed the sun, or the light traveled in a straight line and the sun moved to the right after the light passed it. Contrary to the consensus opinion the latter is a better explanation.
  22. In "A Revaluation of Ether", the views of Tesla and Einstein are compared, including analysis of Airy's water-filled telescope, the Sagnac Effect, and the Hammar experiment". It it is shown that although Tesla and Einstein had different opinions on ether, they were both correct because ether is not present in a material form as was previously believed. And yet there must be some sort of field and it maybe related to E/M.
  23. "Perihelion Precession of Mercury Explained and the Saturn Anomaly" corrects all the numbers involved, proving that Einstein's analysis was very incomplete.
  24. The supposed proof of the failure of Relativity shows that The Time Dilation of the Muon is just Bad Math
  25. The Derivation of the Inverse Square Law using the concepts of Relativity
  26. This helps to discover the Secrets of the E/M field that are revealed at the Moon's surface,
  27. As an aside we ask Why does the Kinetic Energy Equation have a squared Velocity which appears to be similar to the c squared of Einstein's famous equation.
  28. The Secrets of the E/M field are revealed at the Moon's surface, proving Newton's law is a Unified Field of Gravity and E/M. Also the Derivation of the Inverse Square Law.
  29. "General Relativity solves the Metonic Cycle of the Moon"
  30. In "Tides are caused by E/M field not Gravity" it is shown that current tidal theory has huge fatal holes in it, holes that can only be filled by the previously failed theory of barycenter solution combined with the E/M field.
  31. In connection with this it can be seen that "Spring and neap tides are caused by the Solar Wind"
  32. Asking the question Why doesn't Atmospheric Pressure squash me? will show that atmospheric pressure is misinterpreted and that atmospheric weight is a myth. The charge field explains why the atmosphere in fact weighs nothing. In addition, it will be shown why the ionosphere exists as a separate layer, and precisely why it is above the stratosphere. Thus this is another example of how the standard model has covered up problems on purpose.

  33. While exploring the problems of Celestial Mechanics, "Solution to the Ellipse" solves the problem of the phantom point that is opposite the Sun.
  34. In a controversial finding, "π (pi) is 4 not 3.14...." but 4 when applied to circular motion.
  35. The Stefan-Boltzmann Law, which is an equation that relates the temperature of a black body to its total radiation, proves E/M theory and pi=4
  36. In Quantum Physics a simple logical and mathematical solution is created to replace the non-determinate mysticism of the Copenhagen interpretation. any quantum experiments are show not be based on faulty premises and statistical mysteries. Starting with "The Probability Wave of Quantum Mechanics is not reality, but just mathematical"
  37. In "Superposition is not Mystical" shows how it can be explained mechanically and visually, in a rather simple manner. Using the gyroscope, one can physically create x and y spins and draw the physical waves created. This explains the wave motion, it dispels many statistical mysteries.
  38. Likewise it can be shown that "Entanglement: 'Spooky action at a distance' is not real",
  39. In "Double Slit is a Chimera", it can be shown that this foundational E/M field is emitted by the central wall in the double slit experiment, creating the interference pattern before a single photon moves through the apparatus.
  40. And "The Error of the M/M Interferometer" proves that no fringe effect should have been expected.
  41. This uncovers Bohr's math mistakes in "Bohr's Three Mistakes". Also the cause is shown for the mass limit of the proton in accelerator.
  42. "Planck's Constant and the Fine Structure Constant" a mechanical explanation is given for the quantum limit and that Planck's constant is hiding the mass of the photon and shows the origin of the fine structure constant.
  43. Since Schrodinger Equation is based on the Hamiltonian, which is basically just another name for the Lagrangian means it must fall also. This Rewriting the Schrodinger Equation shows once again that the quantum world can be explained mechanically and by simple math.
  44. By importing the concept that Newton's law is a Unified Field of both Gravity and E/M into Rutherford's scattering equations it can be shown that the diameter of the nucleus has been underestimated and thus "The Atomic World is 100 Times Larger Than We Thought" and that the Proton Mass just its Radius Squared.
  45. In "A Reworking of Quantum Chromodynamics and dismissal of the Quark" , it is shown that it is possible to define all quantum particle using a common spin model to show the make-up of all fundamental particles, including the electron and proton, without quarks using science, not just abstract math.
  46. "The Unification of the Proton and Electron" by using a simple spin equation. Also the electron radius is found.
  47. "Mesons without Quarks" are explained by using four stacked spins by which all known particles and effects can be produced.
  48. Having shown that all quanta are aspects of one quantum, the Photon is unified with other quanta and it is shown how they travel.
  49. Light is still being diagramed as a sine wave like sound, which is a field wave, rather than explaining how the actual spin motion of the photon mimics a wave: Light is not a Sine Wave but a Particle with Spin
  50. In Neutrinos are Undulations in the Charge Field also the Solar Neutrino Problem MM shows that neutrinos are field waves like sound, caused by magnetic or spin change to the surrounding charge field
  51. Using purely mechanical means, the nucleus being in the standard view a grouping of marbles is reconstructed into protons and neutrons suspended like disks with proton disks being propped up by neutron disks. Using this concept this is "How Elements are Built in the Periodic Table"
  52. Having built all the elements it is clear that The Nucleus is kept together by Gravity; there is no Strong Force
  53. And also that The Weak force is not a Force but a set of Collisions
  54. The theories of the Big Bang and the expanding universe are questioned by relooking at the The Cosmological Constant is a fudge & Hubble Redshift is just curvature & the Vacuum Catastrophe
  55. In The Galactic Rotation Problem & How Dark Matter Fudged it is shown how the Unified Field Equation fills in the holes in the Modified Newtonian dynamics (MOND) and then shows how this velocity form from this paper and the the relativistic unified field equation can be derived one from another in the Addendum to "Newton's law is a Unified Field of Gravity"
  56. "Critique of String Theory: the inelegant universe" shows that String Theory is an example of abstract math at its most absurd.
  57. Einstein had tried to express GR in terms of the motion of mass points in four dimensional space, but since mass points cannot exist physically, his math imploded at the foundational level (just as the math of QED did soon after). "The Myth of the Black Hole".
  58. The Mechanical Cause of the Golden Ratio shows how the charge field physically constrains two bodies to seek golden ratio.
  59. Matter from Light Matter is not being created, it is simply changing forms, from photon to electron to baryon. (Hint: quantum spin)
  60. Additive Color Theory and Antiphotons
  61. Using the Charge Field to Inflate Evolution Theory to explain stick bugs, amoebas, and caterpillars.
  62. The Cause of Gravity The conclusion that Gravity comes binding from the Charge Field