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It is hard to imagine that one person like Miles Mathis (who has "math" in his name) could exceed beyond the knowledge of ALL the great mathematicians and physicists and to correct their mistakes, but he has done this here! His highest education degree is University of Texas, Austin, Texas. 1982-1984, graduating Summa cum Laude (3.9 GPA), but I think that a major clue to his amazing intellect is when he questioned one of the answers on the math portion of the PSAT, 1980. The PSAT admitted its error and was forced to change all scores nationally.

When I began reading his work, I felt the same way that I did when I realized many years ago that religion was a lie. The scientists like to say that"God is dead" and then replace God with Physics. Now I am convinced that Miles Mathis has totally annihilated Modern Physics. (The term "modern" is specific as it does not mean Physics in general which can be correct and useful and free from corporate greed.) Actually, Modern Physics was already in its death throes with "spooky actions at a distance" and even its inability to hit the moon without fudging it!

I knew that my B.S. Physics degree from Georgetown University in the class of President Clinton was useless because I could always ride the curve to a good grade without knowing anything. Yet more importantly, since High School, I had questions beginning with Geometry, but the teachers had replied like Feynman "Shut up and do the Math." I asked, "What is the definition of a point?" I asked, "What are the units of time in velocity?" I could not believe that E=mc2 was derived for us on the first day of Freshman Physics with some caveats as to mass and rest mass. I never could figure out how a theory of Relativity could build a bomb. When I started to audit Grad classes in Quantum Mechanics because I was a year ahead of my class, I, like Einstein refused to accept the nonsense. Disgusted I pursued the career of a rock music and then went into computers.

The difference between Miles Mathis and all those who seek to belittle Physics because they do not understand it or because they want to revive God from the ashes of religion or to create a metaphysical quantum illusion from the Copenhagen interpretation is that Miles Mathis actually rebuilds Science and restores Science from the ground up! Oh, to be back in Physics class again!

My purpose is to bring some order to the massive amounts of material and to help facilitate its study for us commoners. There are usual two contents in each essay: one to refute the nay-sayers and one to do the math. My intention is to separate these out clearly. Also, the difficulty of one thing relating to another tends to turn into a maze, thus the reason for an index. The other difficulty with online is the disappearance of diagrams you scroll down, thus the need to have them in a separate window,This work is useful to me in my process of absorbing this new knowledge. If a link is unknown, it is still being built so please refer to Miles Mathis's own site.

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