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"The Mistakes of Modern Science"

(This YouTube Series by Dylan Stephens
intends to demonstrate that the great names of science are fallible
and many of our so-called 'scientific' proofs are false.)
These lectures are composed by me as an introduction to the work of Miles Mathis and in the hope that it will help to make his work known.

Note: that this is my understanding of the work of Miles Mathis to date and should in no way be construed as his work (especially if I have misunderstood it!) I am just a B.S. Physics 1968, Georgetown University, who tried graduate Quantum Mechanics in 1967-68 and dropped out. But now I know that Miles Mathis has the answers to everything science and math.

This series

"The Mistakes of Modern Science"

  1. Einstein's E=mc2 is wrong
    YouTube: Einstein's E=mc2 is wrong
  2. Black Holes prove that General Relativity is Wrong